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As you strive to unite your family and become a resident or citizen of the United States, put your trust in an attorney who has been in your shoes. Years ago, my spouse and I found ourselves facing the immigration system. It was this personal experience that led me down a path in which I could make a difference for people dealing with similar difficulties. My goal is to provide the compassionate guidance you need to get through the citizenship process with as few frustrations as possible. If you are ready to start moving forward, reach out to me in New York City to discuss your immigration case. I serve clients in both English and Spanish, so you can get legal counsel in the language you prefer.


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Personal Experience

Many attorneys have studied the immigration process, but few have actually lived it. I've experienced this challenging system first hand, so I understand what my clients are going through. I provide compassionate guidance, empathetic advice, and a listening ear along the way. No matter how difficult it gets, you are not alone.

Tech-Savvy Services

The world around us is rapidly evolving, and it is essential that your attorney evolves with it. I keep up with the innovations in technology that affect my field so I can serve my clients with efficiency and effectiveness. From electronic filings to virtual meetings, I'm prepared to assist you in person or online.

Fearless Advocacy

I'm not afraid of a challenge. While other attorneys may shy away from particularly difficult cases, I step up to the plate with confidence. Whether you're fighting deportation charges, you've been detained, you were found to be inadmissible to the United States, or you're seeking asylum, I am ready to fight for you.

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Let's Work Together to Unite Your Family.

I believe that families deserve the chance to be together. The family-based immigration system gives many families that chance. However, this system is also filled with complexities and obstacles—ones that you shouldn't have to face alone. If you are interested in applying for a family- or marriage-based green card, let Ramini Immigration Law Firm lead the way.

There are two types of family-based immigrant visas: immediate relative visas and family preference visas. Immediate relative visas are reserved for close family members of U.S. citizens. Family preference visas are available for those with more distant relationships to U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents. The best way to determine your eligibility for a family-based immigrant visa is by working with a qualified legal professional. Talk to me today in New York City to discuss the application process and your possible paths forward.

If your spouse is a U.S. citizen, you may be able to join them in the United States as a lawful permanent resident through the marriage-based immigration system. When you and your spouse decide to navigate this process, you will have to submit a petition, along with proof of your marriage and your spouse's citizenship. As you work toward securing your green card, you'll pay fees, gather documents, complete paperwork, and possibly attend a "fraud interview."

In addition to family- and marriage-based immigration services, I fight back against deportation charges, handle bond hearings, help individuals seek asylum, and provide guidance on waivers of inadmissibility. Let me help you realize your dream of becoming a U.S. resident or citizen. Schedule a consultation with me in New York City, New York. I proudly assist clients in Lancaster and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as well as Newark, New Jersey.