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Removal/Deportation Defense Attorney in New York City

Nothing strikes more fear into the heart of an undocumented alien or even a lawful, permanent resident than receiving a Notice to Appear (NTA) document. This notice is the first indication that the U.S. government intends to remove you from the country because they believe you are unauthorized to stay. Now your future in the United States is under threat, and the hopes and dreams you had of becoming a naturalized citizen are quickly disappearing.

But all is not lost if you contact Attorney Vilena Ramini as soon as possible. She will examine your unique situation and determine the best way to defend you during the removal proceedings. If you are in the Philadelphia or York, Pennsylvania area and are facing removal or deportation, you do not have to face this crisis alone. There are ways to defend you in the immigration courts, and Attorney Vilena Ramini knows how to mount a solid defense in your case, or at the very least, prolong the process so you can come up with a plan for your future.

Possible Defenses

Removal and deportation proceedings are extremely complicated, but Attorney Vilena Ramini has a proven record of defending those who face deportation. She understands the different legal defenses that can be mounted to allow you to stay in the United States. These defenses are also known as relief, and you can file for a variety of different, qualifying forms of relief. Attorney Vilena Ramini dedicates her practice to her clients – she will examine each case thoroughly and determine how applicable laws apply to your unique circumstances.

Get the Dedicated Defense You Need

Some possible defenses in your situation could include the following (but are not limited to) them.

  • Not Removable As Charged – You can contest any removability charges against you as well as deny any allegations against you.

  • Burden of Proof – Your case can be dismissed if the Department of Homeland Security cannot prove you are removable.

  • Asylum – You can apply for asylum status if you can prove you fled your homeland due to persecution and you fear being persecuted if you were to return to it.

  • Adjustment of Status – You can change your legal status to either a green card holder or a legal permanent resident.

In any of these defenses or overall defense strategies, Attorney Vilena Ramini will explain the details pertinent to your case.

Retain an Experienced Attorney

Hiring a licensed and experienced immigration attorney like Attorney Vilena Ramini means you will have a much better chance of a successful outcome in your case. She knows the law and has the experience to support it. She is also open to communication and believes clients do better when informed. She will explain your rights and options when it comes to deciding which path to take to cement your future in the United States.

Attorney Vilena Ramini will work tirelessly to get you back on the right track and fight any deportation charges you may face. She has successfully represented clients and appealed decisions on negative citizenship applications before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in Philadelphia and York, Pennsylvania. Call or contact her online today.