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Fearless Lawyer and Defender

Адвокат Вилена Рамини вела мой кейс по замужеству и получение гринкарты. Она - защитник с большой буквы, боролась с несправедливостью и с давлением, которую я ощущала со стороны иммиграционных офицеров. Всегда была на связи. В моем непростом кейсе подсказала самый оптимальный вариант, и я не пожалела о том что следовала ее совету. Грамотный адвокат, который закидывала письмами иммиграционный центр и держала всегда под контролем мой кейс. Очень ответственна и знает свою работу, энергичная и умная. Она стала для меня не только иммиграционным адвокатом, но и советчиком и поддержала в трудную минуту. Спасибо Вилена Рамини, что помогли мне преодолеть все препятствия и получить заветный документ.

- Elvira

Professionalism and Care

Writing this to extend my appreciation for attorney help from Vilena Ramini. Our family had attorney Ramini hired on 2 occasions , for my citizenship application as well as my wife's permanent resident app. I am very pleased with outcome and rates! Communication has been great - thanks to Vilena's assistant Alicia being on point . I would like to point out that on at least one occasion , when I had citizenship interview , attorney was at USCIS building working with different client and went the extra mile to go over the possible test questions and give moral support , when she didn't really have to. Thank you ! Another time when my wife had questions about issue related to her green card case we were able to call and get our questions answered in urgent manner. This to me shows professionalism and care . You can be sure you are in good hands with this lawyer.

- Yury

Highly recommended

Without a doubt, I would recommend Vilena Ramini. She is an experienced and knowledgeable individual. She handled our case incredibly and made us feel confident in our decision to choose her. Reaching her was never an issue as she always responded very quickly to any questions or concerns. Thank you for your professionalism!

- Nataliia

This Lady Is My Hero

I was detained by Ice for a year and I thought I can't win this battle at the beginning until M.S Vilena represents me she did a great job ,she was careful and responsible she always pick up my call on time she always keep update with my pepole until finally she beat me case ........If you need a trustful immigration attorney she would be the best option ever .

- Wang

Well Done

Я узнала об Вилене через объявление. После первой консультации ,мы заключили договор. В течение всего процесса Вилене проявила себя как юрист знающий свое дело. Она всегда была на связи и отвечала на мои вопросы. Я осталась довольна ее работой.

- Elena

Successful Lawyer

Lawyer Vilena Ramini really helped me to won my case. I had very complicated case. We had 5 (five) courts. She is lucky and real professional. Good Job Vilena.

- Khaidar Moukhtarov

A Very Reliable and Effective Lawyer

Vilena is a very reliable, polite, punctual and effective lawyer. I am extremely proud of the quality and professionalism of her work. She is always available to arrange, update, and answer any questions related to my immigration case. My case was complicated and I was facing some troubles and errors in filling and updating the required forms. However, everything changed once I spoke to Vilena, she helped me a lot to fix everything and get me on a path to get my green card. She told me exactly what to do step by step and guide me through the whole process and within 1 year I got my green card! That was yesterday! Thank you so much Vilena!

- Wathiq

A Lawyer Who Knows Her Job Perfectly

Vilena Ramini is a very competent lawyer, she helped me win the trial in a migration prison and never promised what she could not do and she always prepared a case very well and also helped my family get the status and now we are undergoing naturalization to acquire American citizenship I highly recommend everyone very competent and sensible, honest lawyer.

- Valerii

Recommend without Any Reservation, Great Services, a True Professional

Vilena Ramini helped me put together my files in application for change of status from non-resident alien to US resident (a Green card holder). This process could be stressful and confusing if you don’t know where to start and what documents are needed, but Mrs. Ramini made everything really easy: she gave me and my husband detailed instructions on what documents were needed, guided us every step of the way as we were gathering the documents, provided all the necessary forms and help with filling them out correctly, triple-checked every signature and every little detail, and mailed the documents. Even though my case had a complication (as a foreign scholar, I had to comply with certain rules to ensure that my application was approved), there was no glitch and the application was approved right away. Mrs. Ramini has been there for us throughout all the steps that followed the initial application (biometrics, interview, etc) and really helped us understand the whole process and how everything works. There is no way we would have been able to do all of this on our own. I sincerely appreciate Vilena Ramini’s professionalism, her communication, and her moral support. She treats her customers like every lawyer should: not like “cases,” but like real people, and her presence is reassuring. She really cares about her clients and the outcome of their applications. I have recommended Mrs. Ramini’s services to two of my close friends and as far as I know, they are happy with the results of their work with her. I cannot thank her enough for her help!

Вилена Рамини была моим адвокатом при поучении грин карты (смене статуса на постоянного резидента США). Она – настоящий профессионал: все прошло без сучка без задоринки, Вилена на каждом шагу все обьясняла, давала подробные инструкции, как заполнить формы, какие нужны документы, в каком порядке собирать документы, все проверила двести раз (там если пропустишь какую-нибудь мелочь, то могут вернуть все и заставить заново заполнять и платить!). На каждом последующем этапе Вилена так же руководила и контролировала весь процесс, обьясняла, что делать и как подготовиться к интервью. Я чувствовала её поддержку постоянно. На самом деле, очень редко когда адвокат вот так по-человечески относится к клиентам: ей действительно не все равно и очень важно, чтобы все получилось и чтобы дело было успешным. Я теперь резидент США, и рада, что все прошло так легко, потому что часто читаю всякие ужасы об этом процессе. Я уже рекомендовала Вилену Рамини двум своим близким подругам, и они тоже очень довольны результатами работы с ней. Я благодарна от всей души и рекомендую ее как высочайшего профессионала.

- Natalia